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Why your leadership style matters – Episode 43

Listen to “Episode 43 – 7 Minute Leadership” on Spreaker.
What ripples does your leadership style send throughout your organization?
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Tactical EMS and Rescue Task Force discussion – Episode 10

Deputy Chief Brian Knight joins the discussion about Tactical EMS and the Rescue Task Force concept for active shooter situations.

Lessons learned from Clint Hurdle, part 2 – Episode 42

Tune in for the final segment on lessons learned from the coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Clint Hurdle.
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Lessons learned from Clint Hurdle, part 1 – Episode 41

I had the chance to attend the Clint Hurdle leadership talk at PNC Park a few weeks ago. It was truly amazing and inspiring.
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Scene Safety during Fire Rehab – Episode 9

EMS news discussions regarding recent mass shootings in the United States. Scene safety during Fire Rehab is also examined.


What’s the 1 thing the world needs right now? – Episode 39

Listen in as the BlackLivesMatter protests and the recent terrorist attacks in France are discussed. The host gets right to the point in what the world needs right now and hopefully what we can all do to change the insanity that is happening not only in the United States, but around the world.
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What’s the 1 tip that might make your day a little bit easier as managers? – Episode 38

It can be very difficult managing all of the different personalities in the workforce. The host shares a top tip for managers that might just help any listener in their day to day management.
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Why developing managers should be like a slow paced marathon, not a sprint – Episode 37

Developing managers or your next generation leaders should never be a race. There is real reward for your company if you take the time to properly develop your management force. Listen in as the host shares with you his analogy for developing managers.
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What’s the trick to developing new managers? Listen here to find out.

Discussion about Jung Ho Kang sexual assault allegations, the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio and Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago

Josh & Paul discuss the Jung Ho Kang sexual allegations news, the upcoming summer Olympics in Rio and the Podcast Movement 2016 conference which was held in Chicago.

A special 4th of July episode. Facebook leadership posts are discussed – Episode 36

Happy 4th of July. Today the host reads some great leadership quotes from Facebook.
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