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Why your leadership style matters – Episode 43

Listen to “Episode 43 – 7 Minute Leadership” on Spreaker.
What ripples does your leadership style send throughout your organization?
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Tactical EMS and Rescue Task Force discussion – Episode 10

Deputy Chief Brian Knight joins the discussion about Tactical EMS and the Rescue Task Force concept for active shooter situations.

Lessons learned from Clint Hurdle, part 2 – Episode 42

Tune in for the final segment on lessons learned from the coach of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Clint Hurdle.
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Lessons learned from Clint Hurdle, part 1 – Episode 41

I had the chance to attend the Clint Hurdle leadership talk at PNC Park a few weeks ago. It was truly amazing and inspiring.
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Scene Safety during Fire Rehab – Episode 9

EMS news discussions regarding recent mass shootings in the United States. Scene safety during Fire Rehab is also examined.


What’s the 1 tip that might make your day a little bit easier as managers? – Episode 38

It can be very difficult managing all of the different personalities in the workforce. The host shares a top tip for managers that might just help any listener in their day to day management.
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Water Safety for First Responders – Episode 8

Water Rescue Instructor and PA HART Team Leader Scott Grahn joins Paul & Gelman in the studio to discuss the historic flooding in West Virginia and what First Responders need to do to stay safe during flood response.
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What are the 3 things you must do right now and everyday as a leader? – Episode 34

What are the 3 things you must do right now and everyday as a leader? Listen in to find out.
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EMS Billing, Documentation & ICD-10 – Episode 6

Paul & Josh welcome Ivy and Kaleigh into the studio from Cornerstone Adminisystems, ambulance billing experts. The following is a discussion about the complete life of a PCR, documentation best practices and an explanation on ICD-10 and what it means to your service.
Episode 6

Top tips for new EMT’s joining the workforce – Episode 5

Paul and Josh discuss a list of their top tips for new EMT’s just joining the EMS field. A must listen for all new EMS employee’s and volunteers.
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